We use our own tools for educational activities in cybersecurity. These tools have been proven in practice, and they are available for anyone because they are open-source.

KYPO Cyber Range Platform

A flexible, scalable, and sophisticated virtual environment for cybersecurity education.

  • It is based on modern approaches such as containers, infrastructure as code, microservices, and open-source software.

  • The platform has already been used successfully in training practice many times.

  • You can use it for university education and professional training, and you can also become part of the community for improving training scenarios.


Cyber Sandbox Creator

A versatile tool for creating lightweight virtual labs – isolated environments for cybersecurity training, experimentation, or testing based on user input.

  • The created lab can be hosted on just a single laptop with any standard operating system (Windows, Linux, macOS).

  • You can use it to prepare and configure custom environments for cybersecurity training aimed at professionals or university students. We already use it for our courses at Masaryk University. 

  • It uses proven and open-source components and best practices. It also uses the same format for the definition of a virtual environment (sandbox) as the KYPO Cyber Range Platform. That means users can save time and costs for developing and testing their sandboxes locally at their computers before deploying them to a fully-fledged cyber range platform.



An attack automation tool that allows executing the same attack scenarios over and over again. It also compares these executions among themselves.

  • It is built using Python programming language. Cryton allows to orchestrate many offensive security tools, including Nmap, Metasploit Framework, THC Hydra, and others.

  • It uses a command-line interface, which is natural for many attackers. To make the tool even easier to control, we are currently developing a Web UI as well.

  • You can use it to describe the attack steps and stages and execute them according to the given time schedule against known infrastructure. The execution itself can be done remotely and simultaneously on multiple nodes.


Virtual Host Images

Custom images with handpicked preinstalled tools and configuration options enable seamless use for Cyber Sandbox Creator and KYPO Cyber Range Platform.

  • Using an unknown host image without knowing its contents may impair the security and robustness of the built lab.

  • We provide pre-built images for OpenStack and Vagrant as well as their definition files (source code) for Packer so everyone can check what is included.

  • Virtual environments developed locally using Vagrant and Cyber Sandbox Creator will work at KYPO Cyber Range Platform without any issues caused by differences of different images.


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