Everything we do has one shared purpose. We contribute to building a cyber-secure digital society in the Czech Republic and Europe by educating future cybersecurity experts.

Why It Matters?


  • The EU's and also Czech economy, democracy, and society depend more than ever on secure and reliable digital tools and connectivity.

  • We really need experts to ensure the mentioned because we face serious threats.

  • On a European scale, there is a shortage of hundreds of thousands of cybersecurity professionals.


We can only ensure cybersecurity if we have experts with the right knowledge and skills, and there are currently not enough.

European strategy for shaping Europe’s digital future


What Do We Do With It? 

Our mission is to educate future cybersecurity experts who will help to build a resilient and cyber-secure digital society in the Czech Republic and Europe. Check how we fulfil it. 


#1 We Educate Students at Masaryk University

  • We established the Cybersecurity Laboratory at the Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University to educate future cybersecurity professionals with the skills, knowledge, and critical thinking required to tackle the complex challenges of emerging cyber threats.

  • We teach several cybersecurity courses. One of them is the Seminar on Simulation of Cyber Attacks, which allows students to learn cybersecurity topics hands-on. Apart from practising various attacks and defense methods, students create cybersecurity games and present them publicly.

  • Our courses are a fundamental part of a new professional multidisciplinary programme focused on cybersecurity.  



#2 We Train Cybersecurity Professionals

  • We have been operating CSIRT-MU for more than 10 years, which provides us with state-of-the-art knowledge and competencies.

  • We also build on several years of experience using cyber ranges in cyber defense exercises.

  • Our experience includes design and multiple runs of Czech technical cybersecurity exercises – Cyber Czech, organized in cooperation with the Czech National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NÚKIB).

#3 We Make an Impact in Europe

  • Now, we engage in activities at the European level in two H2020 cyber competence network pilots – CONCORDIA and CyberSec4Europe, which also aim to boost cybersecurity education in Europe. Our significant contribution was the release of the KYPO Cyber Rage Platform as open-source software.

  • We help solve the problem of many lacking cybersecurity experts by providing a functional platform for training, development, and execution.

  • The open-source cyber range makes hands-on cybersecurity education widely available for universities and organizations in Europe and worldwide.

  • The release of an open-source cyber range contributes to the CONCORDIA strategy to build the European trusted, secure and resilient ecosystem for digital sovereignty of Europe.


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